US20090221732A1 - Surface treated inorganic particle ... According to one preferred embodiment, the inorganic particles are calcium carbonate particles coated with a fatty acid such as stearic acid to the coating level of between about 2.3-4.0 wt. % per weight of calcium carbonate. Understanding the Role of Fumed Silica in Adhesives and ... in Adhesives and Sealants Formulations Fumed silica offers a variety of benefits for adhesives and sealants. ... acid or stearic acid) do yield a shear-thinning rheology in ... diisononylphthalate plasticizer, ground calcium carbonate filler, and organotin catalyst, with the addition of either a hydrophobic fumed silica or a coated PCC. On an ... Calcium carbonate's application in rubber. - Free Online ... Classifications There are several ways to classify calcium carbonates, each method having its own merits. Initially these are by geology, being chalk (a soft limestone), limestone, dolomite (a calcium-magnesium carbonate) and marble.    Read More