Colon of MacGreen Mice | macrophages A lymphoid aggregate in the colon The csf1r=EGFP transgene highlights the large numbers of myeloid cells within this structure, which is part of the gut-associated lymphoid tissue at the base of colonic villi. Review Article GranulomatousLymphadenitis - jsltr Review Article GranulomatousLymphadenitis Shigeyuki Asano In this review, representative types of granulomatous lymphadenitis (GLA) are described.GLA can be classified as ... Carcinomas of uterus, breast, lung and stomach are associated with this type of reaction.13,15-17 It is also known that ad- NCI Concise Dictionary of Standard CDEs - caDSR - National ... Categorization of pediatric patients with lymphoid cancer using the St. Jude system, which was designed to accommodate the noncontiguous nature of disease spread, predominant extranodal involvement, and involvement of the central nervous system and bone marrow that characterize the pediatric non-Hodgkins lymphomas.    Read More