Public Health Impacts of Old Coal-Fired Power Plants in ... Contributions of Older Coal-fired Power Plants in Michigan to Fine Particle Levels in Air ... 2.5 over both short and long periods of time is a cause of cardiovascular effects, including heart attack and the associated mortality (EPA, 2009; CASAC, 2010). Do Nuclear Power Plants Cause Cancer? - Forbes Apr 01, 2013· Do Nuclear Power Plants Cause Cancer? ... Adverse health and environmental effects, if any, are so small they can't be observed, measured or determined in any way. ... coal plants . June 2012 RFF DP 12-25 DISCUSSION PAPER States, after three decades of regulation, coal-fired power plants were estimated to cause between 10,000 (NRC 2010) and 30,000 (Levy et al. 2009) deaths annually, due to emissions of sulfur dioxide (SO    Read More