Film Review - Political theory and practice - Sydney IMDB meta-data is runtime 1 hour and 6 minutes, rated 6.2 by 77 cinemitizens. Genre: Old Dark House. Verdict: Much better without the sheriff. Henry Gordon is a marvellous bad guy, who reeks malice and laughs as others fall down. Geography - Angelfire Today, Leadville continues to be a mining center and is the home of the Climax mine, which employs over 3,000 workers. This mine is the world's largest producer of molybdenum, which has a very high melting point and is used to make the heat-resistant steels used in automobiles, aircraft, and various commercial and industrial appliances. Apocalyptic Log - TV Tropes And the Ass Saw the Angel, by Nick Cave, is the protagonist's stream of thought as he sinks into quicksand. Neil Gaiman 's Neverwhere : not a scientific log, but a video recording left by Door's father, as he is increasingly fearing for his life, that ends with his almost on-screen death.    Read More