Irrigation and water for sustainable development ... One may ask the implications of not mentioning water as one of the potentially abundant resources to be exploited for the national economic development. In this respect, how to bring the third pillar (water) to the attention and focus in critical policy making and strategy design is an issue. SCI - Standard Detail Rep - GSA - Amazon Web Services 806345617 692426. 25750394 2047524.98. 25750394 42475.02. 25750394 1524089. 25750394 468958. 800498354 122411.65. 793374034 42044.4. 25172953 1000000. 827599759 885409 Game Theory and Natural Resources - Game Theory and Policymaking in Natural Resources and the Environment Game theory has become one of the main analytical tools for addressing strategic issues in the field of economics and is expanding its influence in other fields of social sciences.    Read More