A TERM-LONG MINERALOGY LAB PRACTICAL EXAM A TERM-LONG MINERALOGY LAB PRACTICAL EXAM Kurt Hollocher Geology Department Union College Schenectady, NY 12308 [email protected] union.ed u Overview One of the hardest things to teach in mineralogy is the ability to identify minerals in hand What is the geologic origin of the Bauxite deposit in ... Bauxite is an mineral of Aluminum. Despite a general mineral wealth, the USA does not have any major Bauxite deposits, except for one in Arkansas. The mining town was named Bauxite, Arkansas.. The mine operated from 1895 to 1981. University of Minnesota's Mineral Pages: Amphibole Amphibole minerals' defining characteristics are their dark color, hardness and well-developed cleavage. These usually serve to distinguish them from most other common rock-forming minerals with the exception of the pyroxene mineral group. Minerals in traditional ceramics - digitalfire Bauxite. Berthierite. Beryl. Biotite. Boracite. Borate Minerals. Bornite. Brookite. Brucite. Calcite. Cassiterite. ... Ceramic Minerals Overview. ... When both mineralogy and chemistry are shown on a data sheet. Some material data sheets show both the oxide and mineralogical analyses. Dolomite, for example, is composed of calcium carbonate and ...    Read More