Walgreens Pill Crusher | Walgreens Rotate the crusher cap back and forth to crush the tablet. Each time the cap is rotated back and forth, continue rotating forward to increase the crushing pressure on the tablet. Repeat until uniform powder is . Can & plastic bottle crusher - MoneySavingExpert Forums Feb 06, 2007· But whatever you do stepping on plastic bottles even better than just throw the air out...but just for your knowledge with this little gadget you can crush the bottles to 8% of their original size and even don't need to put the cap back. cap - Bottles - Verrerie Villeurbannaise capuchon en plastique, polypropylene, a membrane, pas de vis GL14, GL18, GL25,GL32,GL45,GLS80,SVL15,SVL22,SVL30,SVL42,SVL60 pour laboratoire    Read More