ISSN: 2320-9720 Monitoring Water Quality in River Bodies ... effect of mining especially on mining communities in Ghana is therefore questionable. One major natural resource affected by mining activities in Ghana is water in river bodies. Declining water quantity and quality in rivers of mining communities in Ghana has become a CHALLENGES OF LAND ACQUISITION IN THE MINING . socio-economic facilities in mining communities of Ghana, particularly inthe Tarkwa areas Towns, families and stools that used to live kilometres apart have now merged and overlapped due to urbanization and developmental activities associated with mining Learning from Mining-Impacted Communities in Ghana ... A linking-and-learning visit to Saaman, a mining-impacted community in the Fanteakwa District of Ghana's Eastern Region, afforded SPACES FOR CHANGE / S4C an opportunity to learn about other advocacy approaches resource-rich communities in the West African sub-region are using to push for environmental justice and community participation in natural resource governance.    Read More