Hydraulic Breaker Market Size & Share, 2018 | Industry ... The global hydraulic breaker market, on the basis of product type, is segmented into light duty hydraulic hammer, medium duty hydraulic hammer, and heavy duty hydraulic hammer and so on. A breaker comes across as a powerful percussion hammer fitted to . Tire changer - Wikipedia A tire changer is a machine used to help tire technicians dismount and mount tires with automobile wheels. After the wheel and tire assembly are removed from the automobile, the tire changer has all the components necessary to remove and replace the tire from the wheel. Concrete Breakers - Pneumatic Concrete Breakers and ... The DM 221 breaker is both heavy duty and robust tool, well suited for medium demolition work in construction and plant maintenance. The DM 221 breaker is heavy and consumes more air but it hits harder, nearly as hard as the 90 lbs breakers.    Read More