Investigation of typical properties of nanocrystalline ... When grinding times increase up to 5 h, particles sizes of iron powders obtained are fine (nano-structure), the particles sizes are smaller than the ferromagnetic exchange interaction length, anisotropic crystal is averaged, and the coercivity continuously changes . Powder Handling - ystral The fluidizer is installed in combination with BigBag stations, containers, hoppers and bag handling systems for a dust-poor/dust-free handling of the powders. The fluidizer is designed with a low height, can be delivered in different materials and may be completely wet cleaned from both inside and outside. What is thermit welding? - Quora All components for the aluminothermic process are used as powders or granules. Once the reaction is initiated by an external heat source, the aluminum reduces the oxygen from the metal-oxide, which will result in a liquid superheated aluminum-oxide (Al(2)O(3).    Read More