gypsum board sheet material detail in us factory Home gypsum gypsum board sheet material detail in us factory Knauf Dubai Gypsum Boards GYPSUM BOARDS A skin for the wall Gypsum is the ideal surface for a wall because Knauf Flexi Board; Metal Once again nature has presented us with a highly ... Which False Ceiling Material is Better: Gypsum or POP? Gypsum board is factory-manufactured from gypsum with water and a few additives, sandwiched between paper. When gypsum is semi-dehydrated by heating, it forms plaster of paris or POP, a quick-setting fine white powder, which has many uses, including making false ceilings on site. Formglas - Materials - GRFG - Gfrg - Projects ... Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum (GFRG or GRG) is the most economical Formglas material and is used in a range of architectural applications such as ceilings, column covers, decorative wall panels, domes, bulkheads, light coves, and more.    Read More