Palaeointensity determinations and magnetic properties on ... Summary. IODP Expedition 352 cored igneous rocks from the Izu-Bonin-Mariana forearc crust. Cores from Sites U1440 and U1441 recovered Eocene basalts and related rocks and cores from Sites U1439 and U1442 recovered Eocene boninites and related rocks. (2Pack) - Dog Rocks Prevent Grass Burn Marks, 2 | Trade Me Dog Rocks are made from a naturally occurring paramagnetic igneous rock. They work like a sponge, absorbing excess nitrates and other trace elements from your dog's water. This will give your dog a cleaner, healthier source of water supply. 23. MAGNETIC FABRICS AND SOURCES OF MAGNETIC ... rocks to represent a weakly developed rock fabrics. We argue that the process for the development of the AMS is a distribution anisotropy which is caused by the growth of equant, irregular, or skeletal magnetite grains into a preferredly oriented (by mag-    Read More