My Reconstructed Life: To Be Young And Rich In Bedford ... The view through Mary Lemon's eyes is a privileged perspective of Bedford in its heyday, a time when it was known as the Limestone Capital of the World. Fossils, Kentucky Geological Survey, University of Kentucky In limestone, branching fossils are most commonly bryozoans, especially in central Kentucky. Some bryozoans have star-shapes on the branches; Some corals also can have branching shapes. Branching corals are common in Devonian strata. Historic Homes of Madison, Indiana - Posts | Facebook Historic Homes of Madison, Indiana, Madison, Indiana. 394 likes. ... In recent years, the entrance was restored to its original location and new limestone steps were added to replicate the originals. Dec 13, 2011. Local privy expert Todd Calvert has finished the excavation in the back yard. The only artifact of any significance found was the ...    Read More