CEF-MC : Complete CEF List Albers SV, Jonuscheit M, Dinkelaker S, Urich T, Kletzin A, Tampé R, Driessen AJM, Schleper C (2006) Production of recombinant and tagged proteins in the hyperthermophilic archaeon Sulfolobus solfataricus. Jan 01, 2018· Conversion of proteins from a non-polarized to an apical secretory pattern in MDCK cells. SciTech Connect. Vogel, Lotte K.; Larsen, Jakob E.; Hansen, Martin. 2005-05-13. Previousl Jérôme Reboul's research works | French National Centre ... We then have demonstrated the requirement of Scrib for the promigratory function of Vangl2, and described the morphogenetic function of SNX27 in the early Xenopus embryo.    Read More