Proceedings - Publications of the Geological Society of Materials and Methods Seismic data were recorded using a 24 channels ABEM Terraloc MK8 seismograph with 24 geophones of 14Hz, 2 seismic cables, a roll of trigger cable, a striker plate and 16 lb seismic hammer 54 Geological Society of Malaysia . This portion of the arc was ruptured by an MW 8.6 earthquake in 1957 which allowed a 900 km-wide portion of the Pacific plate to subduct a bit deeper beneath the Bearing Sea, which is part of the North American Plate. ... At a resonance of 8Hz I wonder if the info that it would give for regional quakes US$22.00 is a great price ... Jornal of Kerbala University, Vol. 4 No4 Scientific ... Instruments and field works ABEM terraloc Mark II seismic system and a hammer weight about 20 kilogram are used to generate and record the longitudinal .    Read More