WOODPECKER APEX LOCATOR WOODPEX III GOLD - DENTAL . The working of the device is based on advanced multiple frequency network impedance measurement technologies. Moreover, automatic calibrating ensures that the measurements are accurate. The parts of the Woodpex 3 Gold Standard apex locator are autoclavable, thereby making it possible to reduce the risk of cross infection. Coating Thickness Gauge - Fischer Measurement Technologies ... LCD display on the top side of the device, e.g., for reading the dimension value for measurement overhead ... Silver and other precious metals as required in the field of Gold Mining Industry, Hallmarking and assaying Office. ... It is well suited for the non-destructive coating thickness measurement and material analysis. The instrument is ... Reference: Mesh Micron Conversion Chart - fs.fed.us I take that measurement and divide by 500 and come up with a figure that is very close to .12 mm. Pick up a piece of paper and look at the edge (the thickness) and you will see that the period at the end of this sentence is bigger. EP2546633A1 - Laminated structure for measurement of ... Laminated structure for measurement of intensity of reflected light, device equipped with laminated structure for measurement of reflected light, and method for determination of thickness and/or mass and/or viscosity of thin film    Read More