50 X 60 For Sale - Pool, Patio, And BBQ Supplies Lifeguard Pond Liner And Geo 50 Ft. X 60 Ft. 45-mil Epdm W Lifetime Warranty $2,778.95 Morning Run Bonnie Marris Le 50 43x60 Canvas New Giclee Horse Herd Wildlife Trench Liner Sky For Sale - Collectibles For Everything Lifeguard Pond Geo Mil X Liner 60 And Epdm Ft. Anjon 200 40 Ft. Mil X Liner Ft. Ft. Epdm Lifeguard Geo 60 200 Anjon Pond And 40 40 Ft. $8,160.00 Kusutosu Challenge Jet Liner Ref.cvt-jet-sl St Ss Steel Self-winding 96436 Kusutosu Challenge LLDPE Liners by AccuGeo Liner LLDPE Liners. LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethylene) is similar to HDPE, but its carbon strings have significant numbers of short branches that result in lower density and more flexibility.    Read More