mumbai all cloths mill worker list with details Redevelopment of Mumbai mills - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia [edit]. The table below lists the names and district locations of Mumbai's former mills, and the structures (if... The Cotton Mills: Mumbai/Bombay pages The cotton mills of Bombay, and the rest of India, were owned and managed mainly by Indians. The initial investments came from families of the mill-owners, mainly obtained from trading. Later, when shares became available to the public, much of the ownership still remained Indian. The Story Of Haunted Mukesh Mills At Colaba | Mumbai ... Mukesh Textile Mills was the only mill in South Bombay (Mumbai) at that time, and it was built on the Arabian Sea shore of Colaba region. Therefore, it had a large private dock where the boats used to come unloading the bales of cotton and loading yards of finished cloth.    Read More