Mineral Resources Management and the Environment - PDF ... The mineral resources that mining exploits are non-renewable, but the resources that are affected by mining, namely, water, land, flora and fauna, are renewable. Sustainable mining has therefore to be understood to mean that the mining has to be carried in a manner that is ecologically sustainable. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science ... deposits, five of them areelement Vietnam, India, Mongolia, ... and placer monazite (xenotime). Indonesia has developed REE from placer deposits, but the REE- ... Global Rare Earth Resources and Scenarios of Future Rare Earth. Journal of rare Earth, Elsevier, Vol. 29, 1 p1-6. Saimm 201707 jul by SAIMM - The main REE-bearing minerals, monazite and zircon, were preferentially concentrated in the finer (-150 m) fractions, which constituted about 50 mass % of the sample and which would be amenable to ...    Read More