Pressure washer sand blasting - tractorbynet Apr 10, 2014· Here is a sand blast kit for a pressure washer to do all of that above. The sand has to come into the nozzle from above the nozzle, so I made a backpack that contains the sand. The tube comes over my shoulder and feeds the nozzle. High Pressure Washer - Reach It! - Move It! - Crush It! The high pressure washer makes your Avant a moving washing unit – it is a powerful street cleaner, and you can wash your loader, equipment, car etc. easily and efficiently as well.The washers combine low water consumption and high water flow and pressure. Pressure Washer Pumps High Pressure Cleaner Electric ... Yes, with the High Pressure Sand Blaster Nozzle, the high-pressure water flow sucks and combines the sand at the tip of the wand. Commercial or Industrial Whether you need a home, commercial or industrial pressure washer, we can help.    Read More