Polder - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A polder is a piece of land in a low-lying area that has been reclaimed from a body of water by building dikes and drainage canals. Although empoldering is usually carried out in low-lying coastal areas, it can be also carried out in inland areas such as lakes and rivers. SECTION 4 SANDHILLS / MIDLANDS REGION SECTION 4 SANDHILLS / MIDLANDS REGION Index Map to Study Sites 2A Table Rock (Mountains) 5B Santee Cooper Project (Engineering & Canals) 2B Lake Jocassee Region (Energy Production) 6A Congaree Swamp (Pristine Forest) Mannpar Enterprises Ltd. v Canada | Case Brief Wiki ... It was also required to do reclamation work on the area from which sand and gravel were extracted. The permit provided for a right to renew for a further five years, subject to satisfactory performance and renegotiation of the royalty rate and annual surface rental.    Read More