QORE – Physical Gold & Advisory For thousands of years, people were attracted to gold for its beauty and rareness. Eventually, it became the basis of the monetary system. Most countries abandoned the gold standard in the course of the 20 th century and gold was no longer the currency of choice. Almost a century later, QORE is helping gold . Shirpur Gold Refinery | Auditor's Report Mining ... Shirpur Gold Refinery auditors report. View auditors report of the various companies, comments of auditors, annexure to the auditors report Onsa Rafineri | Altınbaş Holding Purifying the waste and residue as well as bullion of various purities generated in the course of the production of jewelry by performing processes with aqua regia and/or quartering method, Onsa Refinery is able to produce gold and silver with a purity of up to 99.95 – 99.99%.    Read More