Brown Water, Green Weeds Brown Water, Green Weeds henever rain falls or snow melts, water flows across farm fields and city streets and washes ... swimming areas are undesirable and can be dangerous if deep holes are filled with loose sediment.. ... for streams and lakes that are brown with sediment and green with algae. . Individuals and communities can take ... How To Clean a Pool Cartridge Filter - INYOPools The purpose of a pool cartridge filter is to clean your pool water by capturing debris and decontaminates in the folds of the filter. With time these folds will become clogged, water will not flow thru the filter as easily, and pressure within the filter will increase. The Slime Bag Pool Filter 9"x30" -- Filler'-Up Bag™ Filters out suspended iron and fine dirt time you fill or top off your pool. Whenever you fill your pool, the Filler'-Up Bag™ is an absolute necessity.    Read More