OF THE MINERALOGICAL COMPOSITION OF ROCKS The strength indices (the uniaxial-compressive strength and the Protod'yakonov ... pal rock-forming minerals were quartz, potash feldspar (orthoclase and microline), dolomite, kaolinite, and hydro- ... siderite. pyrite, and hematite as impurities. To obtain more uniform statistical data, all the samples were divided according to petrographic ... THE DEVELOPMENT OF MICROWAVE ASSISTED . THE DEVELOPMENT OF MICROWAVE ASSISTED MACHINERIES TO BREAK HARD ROCKS ... σUCS is the uniaxial compressive strength of rock; ... radiation on the strength of the sample. Small pyrite particles are distributed all over the calcite host randomly. In that experiment, both type multi-mode and single-mode, ... PEH:Rock Properties - petrowiki Stresses are normalized by rock uniaxial compressive strength. Table 13.13 The tensional strength, the stress at which an envelope would cross the horizontal axis, is found by equating σ 1 to σ 3 in Eq. 13.130 (note that C t is defined as a positive number).    Read More