Eye-Flex | Heavy Duty | Modular | Conveyor Belts Generally, a correctly set-up conveyor will have small catenary loop in the belt return path and just enough tension to ensure that the belt engages with the sprockets. Notes: Sometimes a belt can show signs of surging, hunting or jerking. Conveyor Belt Tensioning Systems For Mining Applications Conveyor Belt Tensioning Timberland has extensive experience with conveyor systems operating in the difficult operating environments of coastal mine sites and the oil sands of the Canadian north. We have designed complete conveyor tensioners ranging in length from 100 m to several kilometers, including winches, controls, sheaves and integrated ... conveyor belt - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics Even when the conveyor was empty, the tension T in the belt varied from one location to another. The tension was a minimum where the belt left the drive drum, increased progressively on going clockwise around the system, and reached a maximum where the belt entered the drive drum.    Read More